About Me

I am a stay at home mom of four wonderfully full of life children. They tire me out completely each and everyday. They destroy the house every time it is cleaned. They have constantly dirty faces and sticky fingers and rarely want to try the new dishes I slave over in the kitchen. AND I WOULDN’T CHANGE ANY OF IT FOR A SECOND!  They never cease to amaze me. They look at me and I melt. And when they tell me I am the BEST mommy in the world I don’t even care that their world really only consists of our family.

I created this blog  to share my experiences with all the other fabulous mommies out there. I want everyone to know that they are doing an amazing job and making a difference to their kids. I try to let other mommies know what worked for me, what didn’t work for me. I like to gush about all the cute things my kids do and say. I like to share my trials and tribulations so you don’t feel alone(which I know I do sometimes). I also love baby products so I use this as a platform to share all the great things available to make parenting more FABULOUS for everyone involved.

We are all FABULOUS MOMMIES! Embrace it…

Hope you all enjoy it!